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The Ultimate Style Guide Template

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The Ultimate Style Guide Template is the first free style guide template created in Notion.

A style guide is a list of instructions that define your brand’s communication style. These instructions range from mostly technical and formal aspects, such as linguistic choices, punctuation rules or when to employ acronyms or numbers, to concepts such as tone of voice, banned words, how to choose terms so that they are more or less inclusive toward certain categories of people, or how to manage communication across media.

The Ultimate Style Guide Template allows you to build a style guide from scratch that will help you make your brand communication more consistent and more effective and win the trust and loyalty of your readers.

In the template you will find many insights to start filling it out with your own rules.

The Ultimate Style Guide Template is based on Notion, so that

  • it's easier to update: any changes made to the guide are instant and global
  • it's easier to share: being an online platform, your contributors will not have to download any documents

You can share this Notion template with your team and build your own style guide upon it.

Inside The Ultimate Style Guide Template you'll find:

  • 19 sections, covering all rules that are key to content success
  • hints and predefined instructions for each section, so that it'll be easier for you to build your own rules
  • a specific section on how to deal with AI-generated content
  • 3 comprehensive lists of publicly available style guides, associations and writing tools

Who is The Ultimate Style Guide Template for?

  • copywriters
  • content writers
  • technical writers
  • translators
  • communication managers
  • digital marketing managers

The Ultimate Style Guide Template was written by team. Qabiria offers effective language consulting: We write, translate, adapt, and improve texts for the most ambitious ecommerce and B2B brands with technically sophisticated requirements. Your message, more effective, more accurate, straight to the point. Into English, and 15 other languages.


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The Ultimate Style Guide Template

2 ratings
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